8 life changing lessons of 2016

Every year comes with a new set of experiences and lessons. It is a promotion to the next level. What did 2016 mark on your life? When you look back, how did the past year change you?

Do this 1 thing to make 2017 the best year of your life

The New Year is just a few hours away and while we all make new year resolutions and don't stick by most of them, just do yourself a huge favor and stick by this one.

Why being Overweight is a Blessing in Disguise

Learn how you can make being overweight an added bonus in your life.

How I lost 20 kilos by focussing on these 4 simple things

Is weight loss a major concern for you? Are you dying to shed those extra kilos? Focus on these 4 simple things and you will get results.

Picture Post #8

What do you do when you feel broken and numb?

What can a rotten tomato do? – A small story

A story about the journey of change.

12 Important Things to check before hitting Publish

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your post is ready, your formatting is done and you have added a few pictures as well but are still wondering if you have missed something before clicking the publish button? It is very common to miss out considering a few aspects before hitting the publish …

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