11 Ideas to rewire your Brain for Genius in 2018

How do you live a life of Genius? Is setting resolutions just enough ? Here are 11 Ideas that will change the way you live in 2018.

The Gift of Cold

When we have Autumn where everything in nature withers away and we have Spring to create new life then what is the need of this biting, cold and fierce Winter in the middle of these 2 seasons?

The Intimacy of Clay and Fire

A fusion of clay and fire, two varied energies making love. Did others see this? Or was it just her?

There is a lot of Strength in being who you are

Being yourself feels crazy at times. The things you do and the thoughts you speak elicit varied responses from people around. At one moment you are all composed and confident and with the tick of another, you slide into a wave of skepticism.

Inspiration to start following your purpose in life

Are you satisfied with how you are living? Are you content with how you spend every waking moment of yours? Do you ever find a voice within which tells you to do something otherwise?

The perfect lines to read when you are about to give up

Have you ever felt that heaviness, which sinks on you like a 1000 pound iron bar?

Do this 1 thing to make 2017 the best year of your life

The New Year is just a few hours away and while we all make new year resolutions and don't stick by most of them, just do yourself a huge favor and stick by this one.