Are you really Safe? Period.

Periods, mark the beginning of womanhood. And yet, we lower our voices when the word 'Period' strikes up in a conversation. We even make extra efforts to stealthily slide a sanitary napkin into our bags, and find this act of secrecy extremely normal. And here lies the problem. But that's not all.

11 Ideas to rewire your Brain for Genius in 2018

How do you live a life of Genius? Is setting resolutions just enough ? Here are 11 Ideas that will change the way you live in 2018.

The Gift of Cold

When we have Autumn where everything in nature withers away and we have Spring to create new life then what is the need of this biting, cold and fierce Winter in the middle of these 2 seasons?

The Intimacy of Clay and Fire

A fusion of clay and fire, two varied energies making love. Did others see this? Or was it just her?

Beyond the 4 walls of a Classroom

There are somethings you can only learn in a storm and the scars on your soul bare testimony of having lived a life with courage

There is a lot of Strength in being who you are

Being yourself feels crazy at times. The things you do and the thoughts you speak elicit varied responses from people around. At one moment you are all composed and confident and with the tick of another, you slide into a wave of skepticism.

The Healing Powers of a Journal

We have all been in a state where our mind wanders in directions unknown. One moment you are at a creative high, boosting with energy and creating things of value and at the other extreme, you enter a state where your neurons freeze and are unable to comprehend anything.