Are you really Safe? Period.

I just got the first delivery of my box of CARMESI and I cannot explain the joy which comes with it. (you’ll know why in a while)

I opened the door and a man hands me a parcel with a smile and says, “Here is your CARMESI ma’am.”

I immediately find myself going back to that time of every month where I hop to the pharmacy and wait for the crowd (read as “men”) to disperse before I ask the guy behind the counter, “Sir. Stayfree. All night.” 

I utter just 4 words (in monosyllables) and the guy goes to first pick a newspaper or a “black” plastic cover (not white or transparent) or a brown paper bag and then climbs up a chair or bends down to the last rack in his shelf, quietly shoves the packet in the bag and hands it to me, his eyes continuously looking downward.

I always found myself wondering on why is buying a sanitary napkin such a taboo. Something which is so natural and inevitable every month, is sold under wraps in a way such that the very packet is not visible (I get the feeling that I am buying something illegal)

I was reflecting on this and found that the entire chain, from the sourcing to manufacturing to reselling to the final consumer is moving with an energy of Shame and Embarrassment.

Isn’t it also strange that it is not a mandate for sanitary napkin manufacturers to disclose the ingredients used in manufacturing it?

Millions of women are unaware of what is being exposed to the most sensitive organ of their body. 

That is when I chanced upon an organization who has reinvented the way we look at Periods. Here is an organization which works with an energy of empowerment, someone who understands this side of women and who are working to make our periods easy, comfortable and safe.

Carmesi is an e-commerce brand for all-natural sanitary napkins, founded by Tanvi Johri and Riskshav Borah, with a vision to make periods a ‘safe’ time of the month for women.

Woman, you matter. Your dreams, desires, choices and opinions, matter. Your body matters. What you think of your body, how you care for your body and what you want for your body, matters.

It matters if harmful chemicals put you at a constant risk and it matters if harsh synthetics irritate your skin. It matters because you deserve the best and safest menstrual-care.


Below are the top 5 reasons why I would urge every woman to make that shift to Carmesi.

  1. 100% Natural Ingredients 
    Carmesi sanitary napkins are made with completely natural ingredients. The top sheet is made of cornstarch while the middle absorbent layer is made of bamboo fiber, and the bottom layer made with corn-based bio-plastic. This makes the pad completely natural, and free of harmful synthetics or chemicals. 

    This is in stark contrast to the other mainstream sanitary napkins available in the market, which are completely based on synthetics and chemicals. These napkins pose a severe health risk to women in the long run. (Observe the increase in the number of cases of Vaginal and Cervical cancers) 

  2. Easy Disposal
    Carmesi Napkins come in a zip lock easy to dispose pouch. Gone are the days of carrying newspapers and black polythene to dispose the napkin on the go.
  3. A Period of Respect
    I am someone who is very particular of the energy touching my body and since the time I started menstruating, I had a feeling of embarrassment and shame whenever I purchased a Napkin. Carmesi brings in the dignity and respect of Women with the way the product is made, touched, shipped and packed. I am now peaceful knowing that the vortex which houses my female energies is treated with respect and acceptance right from the manufacturers.
  4. Respectful Storage
    Carmesi Napkins comes in a beautiful Vanity storage eliminating the need of wrapping Sanitary packets in brown paper and hushing it inside our cupboards.
  5. Convenience
    Carmesi offers women the flexibility to choose their preferred mix of sanitary napkin sizes and get their delivery schedule tailored to their period dates.
  6. Spend for a cause
    Every time you buy a Carmesi Sanitary Napkin, a part of Carmesi’s earnings goes s a contribution in providing Sanitary Napkins to an underprivileged woman.ourcourseabout

It’s time women take charge of their bodies and take notice of what they are exposed to, five days every month, for forty years of their lives.

Here is a note from the founder of Carmesi, Tanvi Johri:

“Periods, mark the beginning of womanhood. And yet, we lower our voices when the word ‘Period’ strikes up in a conversation. We even make extra efforts to stealthily slide a sanitary napkin into our bags, and find this act of secrecy extremely normal. And here lies the problem. But that’s not all.

An even bigger problem lies in the very fact that we, the strong, independent, new-age women who like to be in total control of our lives, never question the ingredients of our Sanitary Pads.

Let’s face it, Menstruation is still a topic deemed unfit for discussion in an open forum.

We created Carmesi to fight this stigma. Because it’s this stigma attached to Periods that keeps women from finding out more about it. It’s the reason that even a question so simple, never occurs to us. We are here to fight this closed mentality, to make Periods a topic of conversation and give women a stage to question and discover every aspect of it.

And so, our mission is to Normalize Periods. Everything we do is aimed at taking ‘shame’ out of Menstruation. Starting right from our name which means Crimson, the colour of blood. This, we believe, is a big step up from the blue liquid still soaking up our TV screens.

We are here to create a better, safer future for women. A future where conversations about Periods don’t happen in hushed corners. And we hope that you will support us in this endeavor.”

– Tanvi Johri

Founder And CEO




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