Beyond the 4 walls of a Classroom

Today is a great day. I cannot contain the excitement in my belly when I think of how profound and pure the Purpose of today’s celebration is. While there is a lot of festivity, colour and music spread liberally by every child in every school of India, I cannot stop smiling at how humble and angelic their efforts are.

The intention to have a day celebrated as Teachers’ Day was thought of in a wide spectrum and is not just limited to celebrations in Educational Institutions. Each of us has been touched by someone who has defined and shaped our perceptions and beliefs about life.

Today is a day to appreciate and express gratitude to every person, place, situation and element of the universe who has served us as a teacher in disguise. 

Take a few minutes to reflect on and feel grateful for our 6 uniquely different teachers in life.

  1. Heart Breaks: All our hearts have swelled with the loss of a loved one, felt heavy with a shattered dream or sunk low with a financial loss. It take us to the depths of grief and drives us to question the fairness and justice of the universe. But once you have lived through these demons of doubt and emerged from them, you will miraculously find yourself empowered and mindful to connect these dots backwards.

    There are somethings you can only learn in a storm and the scars on your soul bare testimony of having lived a life with courage

  2. Our Mothers and Fathers: Blatantly obvious as it sounds, without doubt they have been the very first teachers we had our encounter with. We started our lives by imitating their actions and formed our very first views about this world by observing their responses to life. They have inspired us by the way they have lived and have helped us gain an understanding on whether that is how we would want to live or choose another path.
  3. Teachers @ School and College: The moment we set foot in our adult lives, our brains strangely start recollecting all the small heart-to-heart conversations and the small pieces of advise our teachers used to give us and they magically guide us in our current challenges. Much more than academics, the life lessons we learnt by spending 14 precious years as a part of an institution has shaped us into who we are today.

    Not all classrooms have 4 walls

  4. Nature: The ability of a plant to force open it’s way and grow from the crevasses of solid compact concrete is one of the biggest sense of wonder to me. Every ounce of the air, water, fire, sky and ether is filled with incalculable moments of pure learning. But only those who seek shall find. Since the time man has existed, every invention can trace its source of inspiration back to nature. Nature is a healer – And sometimes you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul. 

    Look deep into nature and you will gain a deeper understanding of everything


  5. People: Every person you meet has a story to tell and a song to hum. Every soul stands marked with lessons learnt over life times. We send out messages to the world with the way we live and the values we stand by. Just as we are students throughout life, we are all teachers and what we teach is what we learn. It is an eternal cycle. You are a sponge and you absorb every minute detail you come in contact with.
  6. Yourself: Life itself is a teacher and you are in a state of constant learning. At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want. In stillness lies the solutions to all those situations which presents itself as a challenge to you. 

    While you may put on your hat of ignorance and choose not to accept the messages life is whispering in your ear, know that your life is much more strong-willed than your ego and it will knock on your doors again.

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches you the lessons you need to learn.

Today before you sleep just pause for a moment and swell your hearts with gratitude for every moment you have lived and for all the encounters you have had with the various teachers who have contributed in shaping you into the person you are.


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