There is a lot of Strength in being who you are

Being yourself feels crazy at times. The things you do and the thoughts you speak elicit varied responses from people around. At one moment you are all composed and confident and with the tick of another, you slide into a wave of skepticism. Every head which exists around you generates a minimum of 35 – 48 thoughts per minute. What are the chances of maintaining your sanity if you pay heed to every thought which is verbalized and put into your conscious stream?

Millions of life changing ideas have floated away in vacuum when genius minds gave into the counsel of minds paralyzed with fear. We jump at the first response we get on an idea we just shared. Someone would have thought you are crazy and snapped at you. People usually don’t look beyond the glass ceiling of their limiting beliefs. The reality is everyone is crazy, but the craziest are the ones who don’t know they’re crazy, they just keep repeating what others tell them to.

My Dear Friend, there is a lot of strength in being who you are!

The moment you set foot on Earth, a new curve was added to Geometry with your smile. You brought in a new set of musical notes and set in motion a new frequency of energy by your thoughts.

You are unique.

Everything about you is as unique as the latitude and longitude you were born in.

Why would you then kill the voice which is guiding you to your mission here?

If the world’s greatest legends had anchored their light at the 1st moment when their idea was discounted, conforming to existing norms, then wouldn’t we all be deprived of some of the greatest revelations in history? You are someone who is different but who wants to be the same as everyone else and that in my view is serious illness.

We are all on a journey. Some are here to swim, some are sailing, few are dreamers looking at the sky and a few looking to construct stronger ships. Some are building life jackets while a few are on the lookout of icebergs. As varied and misaligned our purpose looks, it is this diversity which will helps us sail out of a storm eventually.

We all do different things and definitely, do things differently and that is the beauty of our world – diverse souls living in harmony.

The moment we start to measure our purpose by how big it is and by how many lives it changed, we have stepped on sinking sand. Some ripples spread wide, forming great waves in the ocean and some ripples just bring the still water to life. We may not have the reach to change the entire world but we definitely can change the world of 1 person and that is you. Leading your life with elegance and performing your work with such great levels of mastery, you are changing the lives of the people who have the privilege of watching you in action.

Honey bees are one of the greatest marvels around us. They visit 2 million flowers to collect 1 pound of honey travelling over 55000 miles. Their purpose is to collect honey for their survival and in the process they pollinate flowers. Did you know that mankind would have no food on his plate if bees were to become extinct?

Being legendary is never about fame or about the magnanimity of your reach. It is solely about the ingenuity of your purpose.

And if you ever felt I am too small to make a difference, try letting a mosquito on you for a few seconds?

Man never understood why bees function the way they do and if we were to interfere and guide them to do things the way we think is right, we would be building the foundation for a series of disasters. You know your purpose the best. Our minds have a very systematic way of letting us know if we are on the right track. Pay attention to how you feel when you do certain things. If that evokes a sense of joy, excitement, humility or surrender, you are on the way. The moment when you stray away or need to learn something before you go to the next level, you will feel anxiety, fear and doubt. At times a breakdown or an encounter with a toxic person/situation. Let loose your guards and hold on to your center of bliss at such moments.

Step out of your comfort zone, because that is where magic happens.

Bring to light the mysteries you have hidden inside of you. The world needs more of you and all of us can be the leaders without a title. The next time you find yourself pushing your idea under the shelf because some person was not able to view the significance of it, just cut off from that noise and go within. It is the time away from the world that will truly allow you to lead in the world.

Nothing is more important than building your inner architecture of true greatness.

Nothing is more important than strengthening your character, elevating your thinking and releasing your fearful beliefs.

Nothing is more important than cleansing your heart of resentment and forgiving those who have wronged you.

The idea I am respectfully trying to drive at is find a purpose which is bigger than your own existence, bullet proof your core and walk towards it one step at a time with monomaniacal focus.

The world is yours to take and if 5% of the population could do it, so can you!

With deep love and wishes.




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