Inspiration to start following your purpose in life

“But that is what leadership is all about – leaving the crowd and being true to who you really are. You don’t find diamonds in storerooms, sandal trees in rows, lions in flocks and holy men in herds.” – Robin Sharma

Are you satisfied with how you are living? Are you content with how you spend every waking moment of yours? Do you ever find a voice within which tells you to do something otherwise?

Yes? Please take a plunge and listen to it. That is your purpose calling out to you, your authentic life knocking at the doors you have closed. You don’t have to continue doing the things which you do not like doing. You did it in the past, right, but…

” Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes change.”

You are now aware of the things that drain your energy, that deplete your fuel tank. This is your first step. There is a lot of power in awareness. Awareness means that you now know about something which you did not know existed earlier. It means that there is some growing discontentment within. You will now look for better choices, you will begin removing things that toxify your space, you will choose people who fuel your creativity. The accumulation of these very choices is what will trigger the big change.

The change is exciting but it brings a lot of unknown fears to the surface. Your habits will start speaking loudly, your resistance will become stronger, there will be chaos. But just here, hold on and keep moving. These are the hard blows you need to make to break those self-limiting shackles. When it is the most difficult to take the next step, gather all your energy and take it. This is the closest you are to victory.


In the process of rediscovering yourself, you will find that you no longer relate to the things you used to earlier. You will choose to have different conversations, refuse certain things you so easily did earlier, you will begin to question your purpose and the existence of life itself and in the process outgrow certain people. Certain people will leave, certain will reposition themselves in your life, things will seem to go out of control. But you know what – you will be able to connect all of these dots when you look behind. So keep moving. Trust the process, stop living in your head and start acting on your intuition. This journey is for the explorers, the change makers, the innovators.

You need just one thing to embark on this journey – Trust! 

Will people understand you? – In the beginning, NO!

YOU have started on a different journey, they are still where you left them. They will start to notice when the choices you make accumulate into a profound, visible change. Don’t make their acceptance a measuring stick of your life.

You are destined for a life of honor, joy and beautiful growth. I know this might seem like a difficult time, as you seek answers to your largest questions, know that it’s also a wonderful time. Don’t let the inner critic take over the best years of your life.

And about how to handle the dislike you may gather from people who are filled with fear and stagnant in their life, Robin Sharma talks about it a very brilliant way in this video.

Much love to you on this journey.

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