The perfect lines to read when you are about to give up

Have you ever been in a state when you are not able to make sense of the way your life is moving? Are there times when you are so exhausted that you just feel like giving up?

It is very natural to feel such emotions, but what is of utmost importance is to learn the lesson, these times have been designed to bring to us. This is a poem which I wrote a while back, it gives me the hope and belief to take the next step irrespective of my mindset and heartset. I offer you and encourage you to read this whenever you find yourself sailing in the waters of tough currents.

 Have you ever felt that heaviness? 

Which sinks on you like a 1000 pound iron bar?

Unable to move, you find yourself struggling to breathe

It weighs you down and crawls over you like a creep

Suffocating and Dark

A mix of emotions which light a spark

It all seems a vacuum

You know there is some VOID

The nights get harder to take

The world seems to crumble from above

Drained and numb

You lie there with a mind so blank

Hands up in defeat

And a body so drained 

Just then my friend

When you are feeling so sore

Hold on to the darkness for a while more

I know it is exhausting – it always is

But just stay, motionless or do a shake

Breathe, because the dawn is about to break

It will be day once again

Hope will rise

You will breathe and see that life is moving

People move on

And that there is reason,

For all that happens.

You haven’t discovered it yet

It’s taking a while, I bet

Look around at the examples of some

Someday answers will come!

7 thoughts on “The perfect lines to read when you are about to give up

  1. Enlightenment for Schmucks

    This is so beautiful and inspiring. Breathing is the key at these times, isn’t it? You really captured the importance of remembering that we’re still breathing and that the big picture will be revealed in Divine right timing.

    Liked by 1 person

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