8 life changing lessons of 2016

Every year comes with a new set of experiences and lessons. It is a promotion to the next level. What did 2016 mark on your life? When you look back, how did the past year change you?

2016 was a year of change. I changed the way I think, the way I treated myself and, the way I connected with others. It was a year of deep inner work. I quit my job, in June and for the next 6 months was at home. Though it did drive me insane and there were times when I broke down, I spent the best and the most quality time with myself. I had great revelations and insights about myself and for the very first time, my inner light revealed its existence to me. 2016 was a very difficult year but the best year of my life.

On 1st January 2017, I sat down with my journal and wrote down 112 things that 2016 taught me. Below you are about to read 8 very simple yet massive things that changed my life for the good.

We learn the most from other people’s experiences and so for the very first time I am opening my journal and sharing a page of it.

Lesson #1

The thoughts we think have a profound impact on the experiences we have in our life. You will need to be very mindful about the kind of thoughts you grow in your mind as they create your reality. If you want to increase your income and you keep thinking about the bills which you have to pay, then that is what you will get – more bills to pay. Shift your focus on thinking about what you want.abundanceLesson #2

Have you been upset when someone older than you doesn’t see things the way you see them and you wonder that if you, being so much younger in age can understand it then why can’t they?

Age is just the number of years a person has physically existed on Earth. Their maturity will come from the age of their souls, not their bodies. Once you get this point home, then the way you see people will change and all you will have is love and more love to give.age-of-soulLesson #3

People are scared to spend time alone, it comes across as being lonely.But, if you want to lead a powerfully exceptional life then you will have to cut off distractions and give room for creativity to flourish. The genius within you will only reveal when you give it power.solitudeLesson #4

When I started listening to my heart, I realized that what I wanted was very different from what the society accepted. This scared me and filled me with doubt and guilt. I started dismissing my inner guidance and eventually blocked the voice within. I realized that I was filled with pain and remorse, I started hurting others. But then, no great discoveries were made by following the norms, no profound wisdom came from pre-taught theories. Every person has a unique sound, let your music be heard.center-of-blissLesson #5

I have met people who are so charismatic that I do not feel like leaving their side; they influence me in a constructive way. I have also met people whom I cannot stand by for even a moment, they drain the sanity I have. What I realized is that both of them have profound strong energy, radiating and engulfing everything that comes in contact with them. What differentiates them is the way the energy has been channeled.energyLesson #6

Pain is inevitable, no one ever became better in happiness.The only way the universe teaches us to swim is by pushing us into the pool. Showing resistance, anger or trying to push the lesson away will do the exact opposite; draw it closer to you in a much harsher way. 

The universe is like our mother, she will try different tactics to feed us and force us till we finally have our meal. If we choose to be equanimous and open to the situation then a miracle happens and we slide through it easily and much faster. If we resist it, then it will just get harder till we break and have no choice. You have to learn the lesson, how you learn it is completely your choice.blessingsLesson #7

We very easily come up with reasons to convince ourselves on why our desk is shabby or our cupboard messy – I am busy, I have piled up assignments, there is too much work at the office, I have no space, what is the use of cleaning when it will again become messy. The reasons are endless but also know that nothing changes unless you take the first step. A cluttered space is a reflection of a cluttered mind.

Lesson #8

Have you ever seen a mango tree comparing itself with a banyan tree? Heck, do you find a mango tree comparing itself with another mango tree? Nature knows that there is infinite energy in the universe which will never exhaust. So, the tree just loves itself and does small daily progress which eventually leads it to bear fruits and exhibit strength and give shelter. 

What we need to do is simple, focus our energies on personal growth rather than spending it on baseless comparison. Accepting yourself and others as unique individuals and knowing that there is an abundant supply of all that you want does a lot to your power, it only increases it multifold times.unique


Have you reflected on what you gained in 2016? Was it a milestone year in your life? I would love to know about any 1 lesson you learned in 2016 in the comments below.

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