Do this 1 thing to make 2017 the best year of your life

Have you ever spent an entire day replaying that one moment when a comment was passed at you?

Do you find yourself doubting your ideas and dreams and measuring them on the yardstick of someone else’s acceptance?

People are always judging and giving away free advice on how you should live your life. Do you find yourself a victim seeking approval from those eyes?

Does all of this stifle you, suffocate you and make you want to break free?

The New Year is just a few hours away and while we all make new year resolutions and don’t stick by most of them, just do yourself a huge favor and stick by this one.

This resolution calls for you to take your power back!

The power which you so easily gave away to the naysayers and pinpointers. The power which is yours but you traded for the slightest praise and acceptance of the people around you.

Don’t let the small perceptions of people tell you that your dreams are too big.

Don’t spend the best time of this year in living a life which is being painted by the never ending directions of people who have never been in your shoes. Build a shield around you and do not let anybody’s fears influence your actions. Stop playing from a place of scarcity and start acting from a field of abundance.


When you are the only receptor of every event in your life, then make sure that every decision you make is unadulterated by the views and bias of others.

You have been there at some point in your life, where you looked for acceptance, when you craved for praise and searched for eyes of approval. Where the way people treated you affected the way you treated yourself. Where you dismissed your thoughts because it did not align with the thoughts of others. Where you tried to pluck oranges from an apple tree and indulge in a blame game when we didn’t find one.

This 2017, choose to play from the front stand of your life. Take the lead and get your hands dirty. Take up the reigns and become the charioteer, paving your own path. Be okay with being misunderstood, be comfortable to step out of your comfort zone, be accepting of mistakes and become a Celebrator. A Celebrator of life, a celebrator of victories and a celebrator of lessons learned. Become the leader without a title. Take decisions, show courage and exhibit bravery.

Let the way you conduct your days be an inspiration – to yourself and to the people who have the privilege of observing you.

Drop the baggage of anger, remorse, and comparison that you have been carrying on your back for so long. They are nothing less than rotten potatoes in a gunny bag which will start spreading the stench in your life. Turn the cameras to a selfie mode and clear your old stock, do the inner work required and free yourself of unwanted baggage. Know that you are the only one who is responsible for the way your life turns out to be. Invest in your growth and in your personal transformation. Learn new skills, travel to new places and explore new opportunities. 

At the end of 2017, have at least 5 things which you can feel proud of – that which you did for the first time! Make a journal and start recording your daily life. At the end of every day, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for (at the end of the year you will have 1825 things which you are grateful about). Reflect on the things you learned in the day, document your victories and the new things you discovered about yourself.

Block 30 minutes of your day and spend it with the person who understands you the most – YOU.

Live this year a little different, live it keeping the center of your focus on yourself. Nurture and nourish your emotions, remove the tinted glasses and look at the world for what it originally is. Connect with the higher power, be a leader of your life and discover the power within you.

The world has never been in more need of heroes than now, and the world is counting on you for it. – Robin Sharma

You may fall, you may stumble, but you will learn. Stay on your path, keep treading and you will progress.

Gold glitter Happy New Year 2017 background. Happy new year glit


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