Why being Overweight is a Blessing in Disguise

Do you ever find yourself thinking, how easy life would be, if you were one of those people who are in the perfect size and shape naturally? Do you wish that you were not overweight? Do you find yourself sulking about this part of your life?

What if I told you that being overweight is, in fact, a blessing in disguise?

When I was overweight, I used to feel terrible about it. But after having crossed the hurdle, when I look back now, I feel so grateful and blessed for having been there. This phase of your life which you are juggling with is actually molding your personality.


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Ideally, people have to attend seminars and workshops to learn these skills. You are blessed enough that you get to own all of these skills as a bonus while you are shedding your weight. You are actually sharpening so many of your traits.

Don’t agree with me? Read on to find out why.

The dots are always connected looking backwards.

Once you start burning those extra calories, enduring the pain and stretching those muscles, all of a sudden, a veil lifts from your mind and you realize, all the power you were looking for outside, is already residing within you. Your brain gets rewired and you will notice this seeping into your work life and personal life.

You will know that you can change anything that you are not satisfied with, in your life.

Every time you hold the plank for 10 seconds extra, it is not just physical endurance you are building. More than your body, you have to control your mind from giving up.

You are training your neurons, infusing grit and determination into your DNA.

When you do this on a regular basis, can you imagine how strong your mind will eventually become?

In this journey of losing weight, you will realize that people can only stand by you, give you moral support and that is about it. After this, you are all you have. The work has to be done by you, you will have to build yourself into a powerful motivator to push you out of bed on days when your muscles are sore. The pain, the sweat, and the determination – it is all yours.

You gain a forever companion, you get to know yourself better. What are you made up of, how your body reacts to certain types of food, what are your endurance levels. It all reveals – what motivates you, where your boundaries lie, and the strength of your willpower. This is a very profound revelation in life. When you hit rock bottom, when you feel weak and broken, when there is darkness around – the only hand which will lift you up, is yours.

In our daily lives we more than often ignore our feelings and the things which press on us emotionally. In your fitness journey, you will have physical pain, and you will have no option but to feel it. You will come to realize how liberating it is to feel the feelings and then let them go. You will stop accumulating grudges and find it easier to forgive.


You will learn by experience that your present reality is not necessarily your future. With hard work, persistence and self-belief, you can outgrow your older self and become more polished and wiser. Also, you will stop judging others on their abilities, as you would have realized, that, transformations happen, people can change and become better.

At some point, your flaws and weaknesses will stare at you in the face. Here you will learn the power of choice. You could either get worked up, feel demotivated and give up or you could choose to accept them, go closer and get to know them, make them your friend and turn them into your strengths. The choice is ultimately yours.

When you go to parties or, reunions and you are forced to eat just one piece of cake – you know it will slow you down and take you a step behind. Ideally, you would give into the force, but now, you will learn to tell NO, and this time it will be so strong that anybody forcing you will take a step back.

You will learn what resistance means. Resistance to anything that nullifies your hard work. Isn’t this one of the most important things to learn in life? – to tell NO to things which pull you down. It is a very powerful position to be in.

You will begin to recognize effort. Sometimes in life, we don’t get results for all that we do, but that doesn’t mean that there was no effort into it. You become empathetic to people as your eyes develop the vision to spot effort. Your relationships take a leap.

When you start losing weight, you get into shape. All this time, the shape was there – it was covered up by fat and flab. You come to realize that this holds true in our lives as well. You start looking beyond the obvious.

Great talents and wisdom are hidden under layers of ignorance and self-doubt.

Once we work to chip off the attitude and burn the ego, genius is revealed. The colored glasses that you were looking at yourself with, start to lighten and your true self is revealed.

A single person who embarks on this journey is a blessing to the entire family. When you change, your surroundings change. You start to influence people to take up their health seriously. You show up as a leader.

This whole experience not only transforms your physical body but, it changes your mindset, it builds your heart-set and liberates you.

You have got a chance to develop your personality, reveal your genius to the world and own your life. This is a blessing. Embrace it with enthusiasm and get enriched in the process. Make the difference in your life first and then to the lives around you.

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Much love and support to you on your journey of personal transformation.



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7 thoughts on “Why being Overweight is a Blessing in Disguise

  1. It’s amazing.. The way you have written and given a positive outlook to it is outstanding. Getting to know yourself and having the ability to say NO is very import. Till now I haven’t been able to find myself neither know what I love and talent is and what was I born for? Hope I am able to find the answers early before it’s too late..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 The first step in fulfilling your life s purpose is acceptance and you have already taken the first step. Most of us live in ignorance of what we want from life. I am really glad that you have started asking questions as what are you here and born for. You will find answers my dear friend. All you need to do is keep trying and keep immense patience. Journalling goes a long way in easing this process of self discovery, you could try that.
      Much love your way

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such an inspiring post. I’m currently watching what I eat and going to the gym. I can see how it’s having a positive effect on my attitude in other areas of my life like work.
    The power of choice is huge.
    Although we may not feel like doing what we need to do to better ourselves, if we choose to do it anyway, we have even ourselves more power ans self-control for the next time.

    Liked by 2 people

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