What can a rotten tomato do? – A small story

I was basking in the setting sun on my terrace and was looking around, just then I received the answer to one of the biggest questions I had been asking for a long time.

 Let me tell you a story…..

My mom planted a rotten tomato in a pot a few weeks ago. She dug a hole, placed the rotten tomato inside, put in a little bit of compost and covered it around 3  inches deep. She watered it once in every 2 days and kept the pot in a place where there was enough shade and sunlight. A few weeks passed and the surface of the pot was just moist mud, not a trace of life.

After 3 weeks, a small sprout was seen. It grew every day an inch bigger. In 2 weeks it grew into a big plant with leathery stems and light green velvety leaves. It was a pretty sight. In a while, there were tiny yellow flowers which bloomed adding on to the beauty of the rotten tomato which was now blooming with life. These flowers withered off and gave way to the tiny tomato. It was so tiny, the size of a tiny forest berry. I used to go up every day to see the size of the tomato, I was excited.

I counted and there were 27 tiny tomatos which had come to life.

Slowly, consistently and persistently, the tomato kept adding in a little flesh every day and in 10 days the tomato had grown to its full size. It was green and raw. Now it stopped growing in size and started ripening – to a bright red. In the inside, it was sweetening its extreme sour taste and making it a perfect blend of sour+sweet. Once fully ready, the tomato started disconnecting itself from the plant and fell into the pot. I picked it up and cut it into 2 halves and saw that this tomato was ready to sprout another plant with its hundreds of seeds.


What can a rotten tomato do? – There lay my answer to life’s biggest mystery.

Our life is just like the rotten tomato. When we are at out lowest, distorted, broken, rotten and in a mess – is exactly when life happens to us. We are buried in our deep sense of guilt and turmoil, reminiscing the past events and disconnected with ourselves.

In this very phase if we are planted in the fertile soil of love blended with the compost of optimism and watered with dedication and persistence, receiving the sunlight of patience – then what can stop us from growing a new life?

The few weeks that the layer of the soil is dormant is when the rotten tomato is dissecting, cleansing and dissolving all the accumulated stock of dirt. When we decide to change and take a step on the path of self-discovery, we will be in a little bit of mess. This is nothing but clearing the old stock. Look at it as cleaning your cupboard where you remove the dump of clothes, sort out the old ones, fold the ones you need and restack it.

The cupboard looks the neatest soon after you clean it, but we all know the process is messy.

Once we have cleared the old stock of built up frustration, guilt, procrastination, anger, hurt and have forgiven ourselves for it, then the tiny sprout of life appears. It is the most blissful feeling in the world, a feeling of survival, of victory and of conquering the old limiting self. We need to have a few daily rituals in place, which we do daily to nourish our mind space, our creativity and help us realize our fullest potential.

At first, they will seem of little or no significance, these little things you do every day. But as time flies and you look back, you will know what a long way you have come.

If you cleanse your mind 1% a day, then at the end of 30 days you have cleansed 30% of your mind.

If you learn 2 new things every day, then at the end of a month you have learned 60 new things.

If you write down 5 things you are grateful for before you sleep, then at the end of a month you have 150 things to be grateful about.

The dots can never be connected looking forward, they always are connected looking backwards. 

So don’t loose hope and every time you feel that what good is this day serving me, just remember you are investing 86,400 moments of that day in building yourself to your highest potential.

Keep working, keep loving and keep learning – the growth never stops! (and it always begins from cleansing the inside)


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