All of us are juggling with atleast one of these 4 struggles

Don’t we all have our own struggles?

A few are fighting for the basic necessities of life – food, shelter, and clothing!

While a few are fighting for a better standard of living – an increase in pay, a better job, owning a house, a car, enough money to spend on brands etc..

There is another section of people fighting the forces of the outside world  – oppression, snatched freedom, being forced to do something against their will, freedom of thought, speech, and expression.

And there is yet another section of people who have it all sorted but are the most restless and anxious- they are fighting with their inner demons. They are trying to figure out the purpose of life, questioning the very existence of the universe. Anything and everything that comes their way makes no sense to them and they think and feel so deep that they often have trouble finding people who match their frequency and understand them. More often than not they are shushed off as maniacs.

Looking around, there is not a single person who is not fighting any battle.

In the midst of all this one thing is clear, whatever the situation is the sun is rising and setting and rising again the next day. The sun is different with each sunrise and so are we but the only thing constant is that time keeps moving and so should we. Quotes

9 thoughts on “All of us are juggling with atleast one of these 4 struggles

  1. Vedant

    interesting read….

    We should move with the moving time but what would tag along invariably is the “struggle” that follows us as a shadow ( irrespective of the type as mentioned in the post).

    Talking about “struggles” … hope you have read the title – Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts .. Pg no 293 onwards….


  2. All we can do is to listen to our fellow beings and share the emotions, in that way we also get better. Give to get! spread positive energy to enjoy the joy of sharing and caring! Fab writing! Keep sharing 🙂



    1. Very true Josh 🙂
      We can support people by being there and offer non judgmental empathy but what is more important and needed is to empower people to believe in themselves as they are the ones running the maze of the mind and the energy needs to be produced from within . We can cheer them and keep their spirits up


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