To all those people who have lived a life of Integrity and Honesty!


On November 8th, 2016 the Prime Minister of India made a public address stating that from midnight of that day, the currency notes (Rupee) of denomination 500 and 1000 will not be a legal tender anymore. He and his team have taken this step to eradicate the widely spread unaccounted (read as black) money which is a magnet pulling down the growth of the nation.

While there is  going to be an inconvenience for the general public in the short term, this move is looking at the long-term benefits. I am not going to be talking about the financial aspect of this move, but a much more personal approach.

Since the time this came to light, I have been thinking about how the saying of Life is a full circleholds so much relevance even today. People have spent an enormous amount of time and energy in accumulating the wealth and told numerous lies both verbal and in written just to escape from the legally abiding tax. They did not sleep peacefully then while accumulating the notes –  staying awake to find ways to mint more and ways to escape being caught, neither are they peaceful now – when those same notes have no more value than that of a used piece of paper.

While it is an individual choice on how they want to accumulate their karma, the universal law is that what you sow is exactly what you reap. 

In the crowd of billions of people, there are a few people who are sincere enough. They may not be the richest to own huge mansions with a line of high-end luxury cars wearing unreasonably priced apparel and accessories, but in my view, they are the exclusive owners of a possession which can never be DE-monetised or proclaimed to be of no value.

The integrity and honesty with which these people live their lives are mocked at in general but to all you folks out there –  you have my salute!

People always say that the good you do comes back to you later, and you reap what you sow.But time and again I have found people questioning the validity of these statements in present day scenario where they see cheaters prospering and the truthful ones living an average life.

To all those people who have lived a life of integrity and honesty –  you are the real richest. It is you who is breathing normally knowing that your hard earned money is safe. It is you who can walk up with full confidence into the bank and exchange the old notes for the new ones without the fear of your files being taken up for scrutiny.

You have peace, you have clarity, you are fearless and you are safe ! (Isn’t this the exact reason why we spend all our lives accumulating wealth and as an Irony those same people are in distress)

Truth wins, Honesty survives and at the end of the day how do you feel about yourself and all that done by you? At peace, at satisfaction, a feeling of pride or your conscience pricking at your deeds?

This is the good coming back to you. This is the fruits of the seeds you sowed. You do not have to tear your money or burn them – what is rightfully yours, is rightfully safe! Your hard work has rightfully paid off today.


Pat your back, be proud of your choices, look at yourself in the mirror with admiration and wear the Winner hat, because my dear friend you truly have won the biggest secrets to peace!

Adding on to this, my faith in the Universe has been restored. History stands witness that whenever things go unreasonably wrong and illicit behavior reaches its highest , there comes a tide either natural or as a strong personality who stirs things up, eradicates the negative suction and restores balance in the universe. 

I am blessed to have witnessed such an event where balance is being restored. You have my salutations Sir, Mr. Narendra Modi and India is on an upward spiral.

It is indeed the dawn of a new ERA !


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