What is the purpose of our lives?


Have you ever felt stuck in a dilemma of duty and inner calling?

I am in a phase of my life where I am questioning everything that I see, hear or come in contact with. There is a rage within me which is burning fire and piling on as days go by. I haven’t found myself being more restless and agitated than this ever before. The very basic question lingering in my mind is Why am I born here? Is there some reason that we come into this world for? What is it that we have to accomplish on Earth? It is definitely not to eat, drink, sleep, earn some money, spend it on things which entertain us, work on projects and take breaks, go to parties and concerts, watch movies, oversleep, exercise and you could add anything and everything that we do in our daily lives. I truly believe it is much deeper and much wider than that.

Do you believe in souls? I mean souls which take on different lives and forms of an outer appearance and present themselves for a limited period of time in different parts of the universe of which the Earth is only a part. They keep changing their appearance as we change clothes and keep on moving to different spheres, exploring and learning. The wisdom which imprints on our brains is not just till we live in this mortal body and till we make our journey to the grave. I intuitively believe that it is accumulated over lives and form the basis of the beginning of the next life and experience. 

If you do not agree with this, then do you have an answer as to why certain people are so brilliant that they influence 90% of the world? Why are 1% of the population equipped with so much intelligence that they end up inventing and developing breakthrough science and technology while the majority of us look at them in awe and use their inventions? Why is it that just a handful of the people on this Earth have strong intuitions and have known the complexities of the human brain and body?

The great personalities who have caused ripples in the universe by their existence are mature souls who have spent many lifetimes accumulating wisdom. They are like the great grandfathers of the family. Whilst, the rest of us are just born toddlers and adolescents who are moving up the ladder learning from our experiences and accumulating wisdom as we go.

Does that mean we will never reach the pinnacle of success? Absolutely no! We will reach a point in time where we will be the influencers and game-changers. It is just how it works in a family –  the great grandfathers hand over the wisdom and the tricks of the trade to their next generation while the youngest generation of toddlers is pampered and cared for by them. Till they grow up and become mature enough to handle responsibilities and over time and experience they turn mentors for the next few line of youngsters.

It works exactly for the family of souls as well, where the oldest souls are in limelight and lead the path of the much younger ones.

In the continuity of time, as these enlightened ones attain full liberation, we climb up the ladders to show light to the path of the next generation and prepare to get liberated next in queue.

So the purpose of our lives would be strengthening our wisdom with enriched experience and the guidance of our great grandfathers so that when we take our next life we are wiser and ready to live life a notch higher and deeper and as a result, we take fewer lifetimes to attain full liberation

What happens after liberation? Well, that is a question which is still eating a lot of my mind space and I am on my hunt for these answers.

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