Doodling – Grab a piece of Peace!

Haven’t we all been in the place where we are sitting in the classroom or talking to someone over the phone for a long time or attending a very long meeting or seminar and there your hand slowly slides and picks up a pen and you start drawing random designs at the corners of the page unconsciously? Or you flip the book/notepad to the last page and work magic with your pen on paper producing a page full of stick figures or artistic letters or designs so very intriguing while listening to someone?

I can bet my luck on the fact that all of us have been there one or the other time in our life.

It is so very natural to the human brain. Drawing or sketching or art is something which has been hardwired into our brains since man existed. Even the ones who claim to be “non-artists” will be indulging in the tiny act of personal bliss. Doodling has a rhythm of its own and it decides its own design (though we may give an outline to it).

Disclaimer: All the doodles in this post have been done by me. Few are the outcomes of a random impulse, while I have spent hours on a few. And, I most often give away my doodles so I do not have pictures to give you a glimpse! Bear with the images 😛

I more than often find myself picking up a black pen and paper and start doodling. I thought I was bored or killing time but little did I know that my brain already knows the scientifically proven psychological and mental benefits of it.

Scientists and Psychologists claim that Doodling is an ANTIDOTE FOR STRESS. Yes, the medicine of something so very damaging is so simple. The logic behind this : While doodling our mind is in a state where we are neither replaying the events of the past nor are we planning for the future. We simply are in the present, flowing with the rhythm of the nib of the pen. This takes our mind to the alpha state of being where it is very easy for our minds to recover from the damage caused to the gray cells. (to be very direct – IT’S LIKE A REFRESH BUTTON ON THE COMPUTER)


We are at our CREATIVE ABUNDANCE and in the most calm state as doodling is like a balm to our over worked and drained minds. It is no surprise that I find myself pouring in with ideas and lots of energy immediately after doing a doodle.

MOOD THERAPY – I have personally felt myself relax and heal from a state of anger and frustration just by randomly drawing lines and circles on paper and what best – at the end of it, I find myself smile looking at life being created on plain paper by me.



Doodling = An uplifted spirit and a happy mood!

Won’t you give into something so very simple and fun for some peace and harmony in your mind? (I bet all of us want a piece of peace!)

“The most massive problems have the most simple solutions.”

I have had very detailed and minute master pieces of doodling and very casual and blurts of expression on paper.


These are some of the phrases I often find myself Exclaim after I doodle:

Finally…..I feel so relived 🙂

I’m aware of why I felt that way!        

It was Fun!

I created this!!

I’m Alive 😀

Concentration increased…YAY!!

I’m Focused!

Did I just take an Antidote for Stress 😛

How did time fly?

Personally, Doodling is one thing I slide into whenever I find myself upset, angry, unable to concentrate, bored, going crazy,want some creativity, some time to be blank and not think, shout, scream, cry or just anything else you can think of 😛

Doodling is a mirror of my mood and the melody of my soul!

What do you think about doodling? Have you tried it? When do you find yourself doodling most often? You could share some of your master pieces (the most simplest and the larger than life ones).

I would love to hear from you in the comments 🙂



17 thoughts on “Doodling – Grab a piece of Peace!

  1. Like you, I do 2 kinds of doodling, planned and subconscious. I have to be careful when I talk on the phone. If there is a pen and piece of paper nearby, I will begin doodling without realizing it and often doodle over something that I should have left alone 🙂 My intentional doodling is sometimes like Zentangling, repeating patterns within an outlined area.


  2. Shimla

    I never knew just scribbling around actually meant soo much.
    …it’s so true that everyone doodles around every now n then but you have put life into it now …thanx for all the info..
    Grt going 😊


  3. I enjoyed to read this very nice post! I have been always doodling since I remember I love to freed my mind doing it. I can relate to the doodle on the corner of lots of papers. Then my doodling became serious art I still love doodle abstract things when I don’t work on my watercolor paintings or sketches 🙂 I like your in-progress doodle is very beautiful well done! Thank you for stopping by my Blog! 😉 ❤


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