Mornings of a Sankey Girl…

She walked into the gate with a 5 Kg bag in her hand. Her eyes looked above to sink into the midnight blue colour of the sky, secretly knowing that it will break into sparks of fire in just an hour. It was 5 AM and there were hardly any people around – just a few regulars! She called them the “5 AM Club“.


It has been quite sometime since she regularly comes to this massively beautiful lake (it is actually a Man-made water tank which has been converted into a Fitness Park). Oh No! Don’t get the picture wrong, it is nothing like a tank. It is a widely spread man-made lake with a forest on one side and the fast paced city Road on the other. She liked the side of the Forest more. She walked slowly breathing in the fresh morning air which she found pride in consuming as it was purely pure. Her head was always turned to the left (for obvious reasons that the water was on her left) while she kept shifting the bag from one hand to the other every 2 minutes. She gazed at the calm water which was so still that even a brush of wind on it would cause a ripple. The air was filled with dew and it touched her wheatish skin like feather. She loved the feel of it and would always imagine the air hug her.


She was a dreamer and dreamt with open eyes. “Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude and heart.”

She kept walking and then small droplets of the chilled water fell on her face. It was the usual fountain inside the lake which was kept ON day in and night to keep the water in motion and not let it stagnate and breed mosquitoes. She loved the way it sucked in water from beneath and threw it a hundred metres high in the air splitting the water into tiny droplets which fall everywhere with grace like that of a dainty woman.

After walking for 800 metres, she reached a small hut where she usually keeps her 5 Kg bag and walks another 300 metres to reach to the end of the route to start jogging on the way back. It was a U-shaped route like a Horse magnet, covering a distance of 3.2 Kms to and fro. She passed by the old lady who chants praises to the universe sitting on the green cement bench at the exact same time every day. A smile sneaked on her lips at the thought of how some people are so disciplined that they do the same thing every day at the same time for years together despite the various seasons, rain or cold! That is how every element of the Universe works, not a moment early – not a moment late.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

She reached the end of the route and her legs picked up pace taking a round about turn at the circular shed heading back on the same path. Her feet were lightly touching the ground, on and off as the hood of her navy blue jacket kept taking leaps up in the air. She covered her head with the hood and tied the rope under her chin to keep the hood from flying as she jogged. “Why don’t you use headphones and listen to music?, her friend had once asked her, “It will make jogging easier!” She replied, “I am listening to music!

The rustling of the leaves with the wind is what she wanted to listen to. The sound of water being sucked up by the fountain and dispersing in mid air, the coeing of the early birds to the onset of sunrise – she found music in silence. Listening to headphones drained her energy and made her more tired. She was weird; she always found unconventional things more appealing! She was ridiculed at times but it didn’t kill her anymore. She was getting comfortable in her own skin.

She continued her jog pacing up and down the 2.2 Km track, completing 3 rounds and then quietly jumped over the fence to the muddy path covered with green feathery grass. Untying the rope under her chin she let the hood fall off her head and breathed in the oxygen rich air so hard that it seemed as though it was the last bit left on Earth. She did this deep breathing quite a few times and got down in doing a few stretches, flexing every muscle of her now profusely sweating body.

Her body was like a rope, bending and flexing in every possible way with ease. No, she had not always been like this. She was a very obese girl as a child and had heard the torture of all well wishers on how much at a risk she is, that she will have problems in her future and how she will not find the life partner of her choice. She was adamant and never bothered to move an inch to lose weight till one day she felt like doing it. Not for all the reasons quoted on her to bribe her to shed those extra kilos but solely because she wanted to do it for herself. It has been 4 years now and she managed to lose 20 Kilos, being on and off her fitness schedule, not being too hard on her and making it a healthy and holistic journey to fitness.

“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished.

   How beautiful it was that she always chose herself.”

The sun was out now and the pigeons were chirping on the platform waiting for her to bring in their morning breakfast. She jumped on her toes and leaped over the fence sliding into a slow jog to the place where she had kept her bag during dawn. The pigeons were in hundreds, their wings fluttering and increasing the intensity of the wind on her face. She was absolutely in love with them. It was they who pushed her to get out of bed and wear her sneakers and head up here on days when she felt like cuddling up in her blanket and dozing off.

A fat pigeon walked to her, making his way pushing others and started to peck on the grains on her hand. It was an absolute bliss to feel their beaks write love stories on her hand while they pecked their grains. Once all the grains were neatly picked from her hand, she started dispersing the entire bag of grains equally on the platform. A tsunami of pigeons flew down – always making her wonder from where they came, and started feasting on the meal served to them with love. A step back and she started admiring them, looking at them savor in every morsel of their breakfast and felt so blessed to have been there to witness this wonderful sight.

Just then her second set of friends made their way wading across the waters and quacking to call her. She picked up the packet of biscuits and started dropping them one-by-one into the water. In no time it was all consumed and the ducks bid farewell to her, wading across the water in a line heading to their next stop.


A black crow crossed in front of her sight breaking her off her trance and started calling all of his kin to a nearby tree. She walked up to the railing of the platform to remove the fodder for the crows and the rats and spread them around the tree. A smile of satisfaction and contentment slipped on her face and she started walking back with a light foot in broad daylight. This was the last leap in the park and she savoured every bit of it till she reached the gate and stepped out with the satisfaction of another morning lived well.

If you want to be happy, you have to choose happiness on purpose. When you wake up, you can’t just wait to see what kind of day you will have.

You have to decide what kind of day you want to have!

Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: “You matter. You are important. You are loved. Your presence on this Earth makes a difference, whether you see it or not!”

Embrace yourself and choose Life every morning !!

 P.s. – All the pictures in this post have been clicked personally by me and it would be greatly appreciated if they are not published elsewhere without prior intimation. Let’s continue doing our work with integrity and honesty. Thanks for the support 🙂 

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