V r 4 etErn1tY

We jumped into it, not thinking of how deep the water is nor what life holds for us when we sink into it.We just jumped and started to swim, moment to moment and day by day.

Things started to happen like they were all one pre-written story. We spoke endless, shared things with no filter, met often and made each other a High priority. I didn’t know what was happening. I was getting addicted.

Addicted to the patience with which you heard me out.

Addicted to the time you set out specially for me.

Addicted to the prompt with which you replied to my pings and

Addicted to the way you looked at me.

Unconditional, no-demands, selfless and pure, your love engulfed me. You liked me from day 1. I just saw you as an acquaintance. As time flew, you became my friend and then my secret holder and then all strings held loose and I bared my soul to you.

You touched it, held it so gently that the raw flesh of mine felt comfort. You cushioned it and nourished it with your love. I had a crack in me which you filled in with light. Time flew and I realised how comfortable I had always been with u. Since the day we met my soul knew that you are safe for me.I felt a connect which I never understood.

It took me months to realise I was in love with u.

Commitment? – not a criteria. We had love and that was all we needed
Love gave birth to us and love nourished us and love feeds us.

We are not the usual – we are like the tip of the iceberg which very little of the world can see.

We go way deeper than the visible (the visible to you and me), we respond in ways we never thought we would, we crave for each other like a drug addict does for his morphine, we love each other and care so genuinely that anger seems like a balm.

We are rare but we do exist and it is this which makes us realise that what we call “Forever for eternity” truly does exist !

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