Unique things (Part 2) – Magic Lamps

A few days back I happened to write a post on a few of the Unique things that I came across and here I have a few more to share.

If you have not read the previous post, you can find it here. However, both the posts are not interlinked and mutually exclusive.

Art unites people in a way which bridges all the boundaries of geography and society.

I saw some amazing pieces of art made from clay and met fabulous artists who crafted them with their hands. What astonishes me is that there were not just artists from the rural areas who did pottery as a means of living but well-qualified young city folks who took up pottery as their form of art and expression of life.

Magic Lamps

I met a potter who makes magic lamps – quite literally. You fill in oil from an opening in the bottom and then reverse it and light the lamp with a match stick. The oil doesn’t fall from the hole from which it was filled. 

It is a very simple looking lamp, made from mud and kept in its raw form. What attracted me is the simple engineering of the way it works. Truly Marvellous!!

Out of curiosity I asked him how did he do that and he said, “This is a technique used in pottery and it is in the way we craft it, the magic is inside.”

The magic truly is always inside!

I just love how he so clearly and candidly explained one of the most important truths of life!

I also happened to strike a conversation with a few artists who gave up their degrees to pursue their interests in Pottery and I must say, their passion towards their art is powerful and contagious.

I was enchanted by the work of one woman.

Aditi Saraogi is one amazing lady and her work inspires me. I was just glancing through her work and casually moved on looking at other things but her captivating charm made me go back to her and strike a conversation. She truly has some stylish stuff.

A few excerpts of what I spoke with her.

On facing the curious looks of the visitors on why is it charged high, after all it is just clay taken from mother Earth: ” The challenge I face is that pottery is not considered as a mainstream art and thus people need more awareness to truly understand the effort, time and patience which goes into crafting a piece of artThere are pieces of pottery which take more than 40 hours to make.

On being asked to teach as a summer hobby: “Initially when I started off, I had mothers asking me to teach their kids as a summer hobby for minimal prices. I mean really why? Pottery is an art like any other form and it is complex to deal with clay, oven and glazes. Why not pay its price?”

What keep you going in tough times? : “It is the love for the medium that keeps me going in tough times, even when I struggle financially.”

Aditi is a ceramic artist and you can check her amazing work on her website.  (I had more insights into the art of pottery and may be I’ll write a post sometime later about it.)

So here I met some gems of the human kind who are doing all they can and investing all the love they have into preserving and reviving something which has been a part of our world from centuries in time. To be honest, man cannot survive without art. Close your eyes and imagine your life to be plain without colour and texture (well, there is art in that to).

Art is everywhere and we must learn to acknowledge and value it. I salute all the artists worldwide for their wonderful contribution into creating master pieces which helps calm and soothe our over worked brains.

“The Earth without Art is just Eh.”

If you find inspiration from these people and the post, do share the love with your loved ones and give these artists the credit they deserve.

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