Unique Things (Part 1)- from elephant poop to detergents in nuts!

I happened to visit my favourite place yesterday on an impulse and I am glad I did. Every time I come here, she doesn’t fail to surprise me. She is a world of creativity, inspiration and ALL things in tune with nature. I guess most of the folks living in Bangalore (India), would have visited her at-least once (and a few who visit her always – like me:))

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is an abode of bliss. There is a full fledged fine arts college here, and they have exhibitions all year round – handloom, all things ethnic and organic, pottery, sculptures, art, paintings, accessories from every part of the country, home furnishings, yummy digestives, you name it and it is here.

This exhibition (||Do gift yourself a visit here ||) left me captivated with a few unique things which took me off beat. They are something which I have an urge to share with the world. It surprises me how can someone be so in tune with nature that nature talks to them.

||Disclaimer – Get comfortable in your seats as this post is going to be a little long as I am not able to figure out what to filter out as everything is so unique and they deserve their credit. But I promise you –  that you will read a few things you wouldn’t have thought of or heard about||

“Nature talks to all of us, only if we would take the time and patience to hear her voice.”

So here are the few things that I found absolutely Unique.

Elephant Poop Paper

Ever heard of paper being made from Elephant poop?

– Yes you heard it right! The poop of Elephants.

I was in for a shock and eyes stunned open (like the ones in movies) when I was told by the young lady, “The book you are holding has been made from Elephant Poop!” For a minute I was like Eeew, I am holding elephant shit and Yes, I did smell it to check if it smells like poop. But neither did it smell like poop nor did it look like poop.

The products made out of the elephant poop paper are so very unique and colourful and funky. I really appreciate the imaginative creativity of the folks who invented this.

You can visit the crazy poopers behind the scenes here.

“We’ve tried to feed the elephant beetroot and tried to mix turmeric in his/her feed, hoping to get naturally coloured paper… but alas, no success there.”  

Source : http://elephantpoopaper.com/trivia.html

Soap Nuts

Did you know that there is a laundry detergent that is ‘fruit’ plucked from the trees in the Himalayas?

The nut is used as a detergent to wash clothes and is absolutely organic and is like a conditioner for the fabric (cotton and silks mainly). They keep the fabric safe and also keep mother nature safe as they are made of 0% chemicals.

Bublenut Wash is a Social Enterprise founded by the Alumni of IIT and Oxford University (UK) and they aim at delivering this naturally sustainable product to all of us in a form which is easy to use in our fast paced lives.

||Do visit their page for more information||

“It is a very common sight to see grandmothers in Rural India simply walk to the soapnut tree, pluck a few fresh sopanuts and create a liquid solution that serves multiple washing purposes.”

They provide employment to hundreds of local villagers and give them a source of livelihood. Great going guys!

Banana Leaf Fibre

Fibre is extracted from the leaves of the Banana tree and spun into threads and then they are used to make products like table runners, backpacks, hand bags, laptop covers, baskets and many more products.

Why do we use them instead of our regular stuff?

  • They are strong – like seriously super strong. They are made from the concentrate extract of the banana leaves fibre and stem thus they are very durable.
  • They look fancy. You must check out their products to verify it. They give a very minimalist yet magnificent look. They perfectly fit into the category of modern interiors (if that is what you are looking for!)
  • They work with Rural artisans and provide employment and a livelihood to them as well as create Eco-friendly and biodegradable products.

(If you have ever thought of giving back to the society then you must encourage the folks who work for the upliftment of the society and environment)

It is really elating to see people be so creative and come up with crazy things. I mean there is so much potential in our brains (how many gray cells do you simulate daily?)

What does uniqueness mean to you? What are the unique things you have come across? Write about them in the comments and I am waiting to read them πŸ™‚ 

If anything in this post inspired you to be a little more aware or do something creative or simply filled you with awe and excitement then do share the post and spread the love.

P.S. I let you digest these 3 Unique things for now. I have a some more uniqueness to share and so look out for Part 2 of this series.

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23 thoughts on “Unique Things (Part 1)- from elephant poop to detergents in nuts!

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  2. This was extremely helpful and informing. I also discovered that ulcer is provoked by certain bacteria in the intestine, and that eventually it can be cured with poop. Yep, poop of a 100% healthy individual, like some how transplanted in the sick patient’s intestine. It sounds gross, but the myth that ulcer can not be cured, only by undergoing surgery, well it’s a myth.


  3. radhikachhabriablueiv

    Yea this information m sure has thrown light on a topic which not many would b aware of…thanks a ton bud for educating us on this


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