“Can we meet? – in person please”

I  have been thinking about this a lot lately…..

“Can we meet?” 

You asked me to FaceTime but can we meet in real time instead?  I know I can see you every minute, staring at your profile picture but can I look at you in real – flesh, meat and blood.


I want to know you, know what makes you as you. I want to know what tricks you played as a kid, how many times the uncle next door came running behind you because you pee-ed on his shed.

I want to meet you – as you are, with no masks and no tasks in hand. Let’s walk to the beach or head up to Starbucks and sit there, spending the most powerful thing which even the universe bends to –Time. 

Tell me your fears, what scares you, what moves you, what left a mark on you. The happy times, the sad ones too. The moments you felt rejected by the world, the times you fell down and lay on the floor clueless about what the future holds for you.

The confusion and chaos you went through while choosing the path of the career you wanted to walk on. The times at night where you stayed awake looking at the roof and thinking about the money you wanted to make.

Your expectations, your disappointments, the things you love and the things you hate. What do you think about politics, is the world that complicated?

Let’s have a walk together, by the road and watch the moon shine. Sounds old school, yes it is! But don’t we miss our school the most? Where we were crystal clear with what we thought and with what we spoke.

Show me the dustiest corners of your soul. What gives you inspiration? Your regrets and the dreams which keep you going.

How do you like your tea to be brewed? You like pasta more or cake? Do you have fear of heights? And what about swimming?



I want to know it all, soul to soul, deep!

You grew, I grew. There is a lot of time we spent in the past – there is loads to catch up on!

The experiences which make you react the way you do, the lessons learned which guide the decisions you take, the high school teacher who you loved to listen to, the first rupee you earned and the pride you got with it.

Look back, you have evolved! Time has flown and it will fly.

Stop. Pause. Live.

Your mails can wait. Your calls can be returned later. Your movies and TV shows can be watched on the internet.

But the time we have now, it will be gone! Let’s live it. You and I with a lot of things to talk.

So, can we meet? And this time in person, please! 

16 thoughts on ““Can we meet? – in person please”

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  3. I have no problem meeting in person… but I think we’re on opposite sides of the world! :). Great post – made me reflect. I’ve always viewed time like money in a bank account. It’s limited and must be used wisely! Saw your link on Harsh Reality – it’s nice to meet you… even online! Take care and have a great week.


  4. Very touching and true… I met with a dear blogger friend earlier this year, and I remember telling him, at one point during the day, when he was returning some text messages, “this might be our only day together…” meaning we had to take advantage of every second… People don’t realize the value of spending time together anymore…

    Thank you for this post 🙂

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