Living a Thousand Lives

Have you ever experienced a state when you were transported to a different world all together and felt as though you were witnessing the unfolding of events where time stood still?

Or, felt your spine spark with electricity when you just closed the cover digesting another story of a soul which never existed?

Well, it will not take any efforts to guess that you are a book lover. This is a section of the population who have created a world of their own. A world where only they have access to and once they enter it, it is very tasking to bring them out of there. This creed of people are as varied as they can get.

“To live a thousand lives” was definitely told for them!

Today, 9th of August is National Book Lovers’ Day – a day for those who love to read! You may love to snuggle up in your bed and lose yourself in a book with a cup of coffee or just rest under a shaded tree with a copy of your favorite author. Reading by the seaside listening to the waves slash against the rocks or any way you like it!

Books have a magical quality of transporting you to a different place – giving fire to your imagination. It is very common to hear hails of disappointment from people who have read the book and later watch the adaption of it in a movie. A very personal example I can quote is I was greatly disappointed by watching Mr.Grey on silver screen. He was not even 50% like the Christan Grey in the movie filmed by my mind. Anybody who has read the 50 Shades of Grey series and then watched the movie will agree with me!

And this can be substantiated by the very simple fact that our mind is much more powerful than our eyes in viewing things and we are as free and can get as creative as we want (well, it costs not a single dollar to film it) 😛

There are 5 niche traits of an avid reader which make them the most lovable breed of people.

  1. Conversation strikers – These people are the most interesting ones to hang around. They have an accumulation of wisdom from 1000’s of stories they have lived and can strike an overwhelming conversation with anyone. They are the intellectually nourished souls.
  2. Amazing partners – Research proves that readers are the best people to fall in love with. They know how to reach to your soul as they have already dived into this before and discovered their own. They are romantic at heart and the most versatile in their approach.
  3. Perspective Handlers – They can look at things from anyone’s perspective yet taking a stand on what they believe to be true for them. This is an acquired trait from reading a number of authors and their stories of love, pain and discovery.
  4. Dreamers – They are the courageous ones who dare to dream and live life in the moment. They are not afraid of emotions and can sail through them with ease. They are connected to the universal source of Love and radiate it wherever they go. They are curious and their energy is contagious.
  5. Rare Breed – They are wiser beyond their years. They have felt pain, love, anguish, defeat and have known loss. They move you and give you a deeper perspective to any situation you come across. They are a maze of ideas and can get a little difficult to understand as they have lived a thousand different lives. They love unconditionally and may surprise you with hand written letters.


If you are a book lover just like me then you will relate to the following:

” I do not need a TV – My mind is a 64 inch flat screen that plays the books I read in HD.”

“I never go to bed alone!”

“I more than often fall in love with a fictional character.”

The smell of a fresh new book gets me high instantly which even 4 shots of vodka will take time to do!”

But there is another group of abundantly creative souls who are not aware of the world they are missing. For all of my dear friends who are not in the same boat of reading, I understand you completely. I know that sitting through a 2 hour movie and going through the story with some music is awesome. I love movies too! They are fabulous and have a world of their own. But just once, pick up a book and become the director of the movie and I bet you will love the experience.

Waiting open heartedly to welcome you into our world of living a thousand different lives!

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