Maze of the mind – through the camera!

All of us at some point in our lives or other have been through a whirlwind of constantly fluctuating thoughts jumping from one shore to another cliff and diving deep into the ocean to touch the coral reefs and jump back up high into the clouds.

Our mind takes us to places, most of the times we are on the back seat and are being led by the driver – Our Amazing |Minds|

For people who spend time with this wonderful magnetic gray matter, their journey can be described not less than a MAZE. It’s a wonderful, super-liberating yet an exhaustive experience. It is not always that we end up reaching a destination with our thoughts. There are many times when we get stuck in the tangles of our uniquely varied thoughts, each of which have some underlying common pattern. I am no exception to the functionality of the super-human brain.

This blog is my journey into the realms of this maze and I know that for a puzzle to be solved – it needs to be worked on! I am Work-in-progress and am super excited about documenting the varied paths I explore into this maze.

There is an unexplainable joy in sharing ideas, thoughts and lessons learnt.I came across this while watching a video of Dr.Wayne.Dyer – one exceptional soul.

“You pick up an amazing beautiful turquoise blue pot, intricately designed to perfection with all the hues of blue blending and giving the most vivid visual experience. Just a slam and the pot falls down and breaks into pieces. Now the question is what was holding the pot together?

Was it the clay, the water, the paint, or the glue? Looking at the pieces on the ground, I can see all of these elements intact. The clay, water, paint and glue were still united together. What was holding this mixture together then? giving it the form of a pot  – The Empty Space inside!”

That’s how we all are – we have an empty space within us where magic can be created. It is the space of limitless possibilities, only if we choose to be there. Otherwise, we are just like the broken clay pot.

I am happy to invite you to join me in this puzzle of maze of the mind. It could be science, fiction, imagination, introspection, fun DIY hacks or just random stuff!

If you wish to join me in this journey, feel free to leave your email ID on my blog and you will get all my posts in your inbox 🙂


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