Unique Things (Part 1)- from elephant poop to detergents in nuts!

I happened to visit my favourite place yesterday on an impulse and I am glad I did. Every time I come here, she doesn't fail to surprise me. She is a world of creativity, inspiration and ALL things in tune with nature. I guess most of the folks living in Bangalore (India), would have visited …

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I do not know where am I going, I do not know why am I here, I just feel a sense of longing...a longing like waiting for some light to come from above and tell me "You are meant for this!" This stage of not knowing who you are, the emptiness I feel in my …

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“Can we meet? – in person please”

I  have been thinking about this a lot lately..... "Can we meet?"  You asked me to FaceTime but can we meet in real time instead?  I know I can see you every minute, staring at your profile picture but can I look at you in real - flesh, meat and blood. I want to know …

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Living a Thousand Lives

Have you ever experienced a state when you were transported to a different world all together and felt as though you were witnessing the unfolding of events where time stood still? Or, felt your spine spark with electricity when you just closed the cover digesting another story of a soul which never existed? Well, it …

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Maze of the mind – through the camera!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.